ERASMUS+ 2021-1-SK01-KA220-SCH-000031588

The iCan language school is the main coordinator of the project "Slovak language for children of foreigners" - methodical guides, recommendations and manuals for the use of didactic materials to involve children in the educational process in the Slovak Republic.

The partner organizations of the project are the National Institute of Education and Youth NIVAM and educational centers of Slovaks abroad - eMeLeS in Ireland, Czech & Slovak Club Birmingham in Great Britain and Petit Slavik in France. Project implementation began on February 28, 2022 and will end on February 28, 2024.

With this project, we became a continuation of our successfully completed project, thanks to which we created textbooks, workbooks, translation dictionaries for children of foreigners and compatriots, a guide for management and teaching staff.

In accordance with the EU Erasmus+ program, as an effective tool to support meeting the needs of vulnerable groups, the main goal of the project is to support the integration of children of foreigners into the society of the majority of Slovakia. Our key priority in this project is to strengthen the strategy of inclusion and diversity and the corresponding assistance in removing obstacles related to overcoming cultural differences, social or geographical barriers to the integration of foreign children in formal and non-formal education in the Slovak Republic. , both in preschool and in school education in the state Slovak language.

The specific goal of our project is to help improve the education of children whose native language is different from the national language, as well as to improve the education of Slovak children living abroad by processing methodical and didactic materials for this group.

To ensure high-quality and useful results of the integration policy in the field of education, the main coordinator together with partners defined 5 sub-goals of the project:
1. compilation of a set of methods, lesson plans and curricula directly related to the prepared editions "Guide for first contact" and "Workbook for preschoolers".
2. Development of cards with images (communication) as additional didactic material that can be used in working conditions in kindergartens and primary classes of schools, in language schools and in educational centers abroad.
3. Completion of a translation dictionary of basic terms for primary school with 4 language mutations according to the requirements of the partners (French language), or according to the choice of the number of children of a given nationality in Slovak schools.
4. Approbation of the developed methodical materials and correct setting of lesson plans and training programs by direct users (foreign partners of the project, associated partners in the Slovak Republic), who have direct experience and are well-versed in this problem. Therefore, we consider their comments on testing very useful for the quality of methodological and teaching-methodical materials.
5. Dissemination of project results: educational activity Training of teaching staff in methodical and didactic materials.

The concept of the project strengthens mutual cultural dialogue, the rights to social integration in the environment of the majority of society, support of active citizenship of foreigners in Slovakia and Slovaks abroad. And last but not least: the project will contribute to the development of cooperation between partners in the field of education at the national and international levels through active participation in the compilation and testing of methodical and didactic materials, and the results of the project will serve a wide target group (students and teachers) in Slovakia, and also abroad.

Individual project activities are designed in such a way that their results benefit the target group already at the testing stage and, above all, after the end of the project. The result of the direct use of the created documents will be an increase in the professional capabilities and work skills of the target group of managers and teaching staff in Slovak schools with the aim of improving the quality of education of foreign children and, thus, promoting their inclusion in a new environment. The impact of the project on the target group of Slovak children living abroad, studying in Slovak educational societies, will be already during the testing of methodical materials along with didactic ones.

However, the greatest added value of the results will be the creation of new methodological and didactic aids that are not available in the educational environment, which will benefit in the long term the vulnerable groups of foreign children in Slovakia, as well as the children of Slovaks living in Slovakia. abroad and those returning from abroad. The obtained competences will mean for all project participants a significant improvement of the conditions for their professional practice and the construction of an inclusive environment in the primary school. For parents and children of foreigners, they will mean a contribution to improving the quality of life in a new country. This will lead to the development of the ability to communicate in Slovak and thus increase their likelihood of success at school and later at work. By improving the quality of these processes, the project will contribute to the attractiveness of the Slovak environment for foreigners and the development of the integration process, which is one of the most important impacts and sustainable results of the project.