after studying at an iCan accredited language school
Rate how often you used the learning materials (textbooks, notebooks) during the course, where: 0 = did not use / did not use at all, 5 = used / used on class days and during homework, 10 = used / used daily several times, because I could / could not remember anything.
Rate how comfortable the pace of learning was for you, where: 0 = teaching was too slow, 5 = the pace of learning on the course was as comfortable as possible, 10 = teaching was too fast.
Rate how difficult the tasks were, where: 0 = the tasks were too easy, 5 = the tasks were quite difficult, but I did / did it on my own, 10 = the tasks were too difficult, I had to ask friends or parents for help.
Rate how clearly the teacher explained the new material, where: 0 = completely incomprehensible, had to look for additional material and explanation on the Internet, 5 = understandable enough, the material did not need additional appearances, 10 = too many explanations, more attention could be paid different themes.
Rate how interested you are in continuing to study Slovak with an iCan accredited school, where: 0 = not interested / not interested at all, 3 = ready to continue studying only for free, 5 = agreed / would agree if the tuition price was not higher than the average price course in the city,8 = I will not hesitate to enroll in the next course (level) from iCan,10 = I plan to study at a school / university in Slovakia and would like to join an intensive Slovak course and reach a level sufficient for living and studying in the Slovak Republic (B1 -B2).
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