Our project, aimed at creating methodological aids for Slovak textbooks for children, has achieved its goal

The project will end on February 28, 2024

Dear friends,

we have good news for you! Our project aimed at creating methodological manuals for Slovak textbooks for children "Aha, Slovak!", "The World Around Us in Slovak" and additional teaching materials for children has reached its goal. The project will end on 28.02.2024.
On 12.02.2024 all partners, who are working on the project, met at our iCan school and summarized, what we have achieved during the two years of the project.
About 30 participants attended the workshop each day. From abroad came 8 teachers from the Petit Slavik Education Center, Paris, 7 teachers from the Birmingham Education Center and three teachers from the Dublin Education Center. Also present were three experts from the National Institute of Education and Youth, as well as our partners from the kindergarten and elementary school Odborárska 2, Bratislava, who are also very familiar with our textbooks and manuals, as they, like our foreign partners, tested and commented on them in the classroom during the development process.

At the meeting, which was attended by all our foreign partners of the project, as well as our important Slovak partner NIVaM, all this was said.

The lecturers were the authors of the textbooks and the authors of the methodological manuals to the textbooks, Ms. Ulichna, Ms. Bacskai, Ms. Hirschnerova and Ms. Gregorik. Mr. Karol Ciba from NIVaM presented in his lecture several educational activities and didactic aids useful in learning Slovak when working with picture cards for preschool and school children. He also touched upon the topic of the educational standard for the second language, which was approved as a supplement to the current school educational program.
We believe that teachers, parents and children learning Slovak will find the communicative picture cards an invaluable aid in Slovak language lessons, as they provide for many variations of use in Slovak language lessons. The cards and the methodological manual for working with them will be available for purchase at www.slokia.sk from mid-March 2024.

During the project we organized working meetings in Bratislava, Paris and Dublin, as well as a two-day online seminar for elementary school teachers and kindergarten teachers, where we presented textbooks, teaching aids and supplementary teaching materials to a wide range of specialists.

Our textbook project was honored with the European Language Brand 2022 award. And this month we received the pleasant news that our work was noticed by the European Commission and our project was selected as the only one from Slovakia in a compendium that aims to highlight projects that have a positive impact on people and organizations affected by the war in Ukraine.

More information can be found HERE
We are pleased that the feedback from the teachers present was only positive; according to the teachers, this two-day training was very useful for those attending in their work with the textbooks "Aha, Slovak!" and "The World Around Us in Slovak".

The training ended in a pleasant atmosphere in a nearby restaurant over a working lunch.

At the end we offer some photos that reflect the atmosphere that prevailed during the training. We also post the presentations that were given at the training.

Iveta Tunegova, iCan Project Coordinator