The "Smart Managerevolution" course
was recently finished

A summer of 2023 has been a summer when, the iCan school visited Riga for Learn&Lead program. Over a span of two weeks, four enlightening courses that comprised the Smart Mindset Training were conducted: “Building a Culture of Excellence”, “Empowering People in the Workplace”, “Smart Manager Evolution”, and “Resilience”. The combination of these topics presents a very powerful and much needed course for encouraging and inspiring people - not only teachers, but managers, leaders or just any person really, because anyone can gain lots of valuable knowledge within these two weeks.
We had the most amazing trainers there. With Vanda Novokšonova, we have been through the excellence course, we navigated our company’s strength and weaknesses making it easier for us to be better, analyzing every aspect to find the missing pieces with a help of self-assessment questionnaire. We learned the theoretics behind the excellence approach and tried implementing the principles on our companies’ grounds.

With Agnieszka Pedzimaz we have finished the most amazing training on empowerment. Using a specially designed workbook, we completed a bunch of very insightful and entertaining activities. We wrote, we drew, we created. In this course we analyzed different types of leadership and compared “bosses from Hell and Heaven”.

The Smart Managerevolution with Jana Chynoradská was a gem in the middle of this course that can help any person to figure out who they are and what they miss to become better. Going through the 9 principles of Learn & Lead and their background we learned more about ourselves as well as what we can do to achieve our goals.

The last training in the Smart Mindset course was on Resilience. The importance of resilience could not be underestimated, being one of the key features for a fulfilled individual. Though a given course could be improved, resilience is still a very important aspect for a successful development of a person, so having needed skills for improving it is very beneficial.

Besides the course itself we were provided with a wonderful after classes program. We had a boat trip, visited the amazing National Library, had a trip to Jūrmala and even more.

Staying in Riga was more than just a course, it was a journey of self-enlightenment. It is a very treasured and valuable experience, that helped all of us to understand who we are and which way to move forward. Every moment there added layers to our memories.