iCan School's Journey with The Learn & Lead Certification Program for Schools Training in Vukovar, Croatia

Going on a two-week adventure in Vukovar, Croatia, as a part of the Learn & Lead Certification Program for Schools, was a big deal for iCan School. This journey gave us a great chance to learn new things and get better at what we do in Education. In this article, we are excited to share our organization's impressions of the program, what we have learned, its potential application and our recommendations for iCan School further growth.

What We Experienced

The Learn & Lead Certification Program in Vukovar proved to be an exceptional training for improving workplace dynamics, boosting the motivation of our educators and school managers, and nurturing a culture of continuous learning within iCan School. At the heart of this program lie The 9 Learn&Lead principles and the learner-centered approach which is important for modern education and management.

Important things we learned:

Learn & Lead Principles.
First and foremost, we learned about the 9 Learn & Lead Principles, which are a guide to a better and happier life, both at work and in our personal lives. Exploring principles, what stands beyond them, which ones we are equipped with and which ones are yet to improve – is one of the main take aways for all the participants in our team.

Understanding oneself better.
Our participants gained deep insights into their individual selves. The emphasis on self-awareness highlighted the critical role it plays in building effective communication with oneself and others. As well as it highlighted the importance of understanding oneself in the context of leadership, as being a leader comes with understanding yourself first.

Effective Communication Skills.
Our team gained skills that extend beyond the classroom, proving invaluable in various spheres of life and work. Equipped with a toolkit for effective communication and active listening, we now are striving to be even a better team. Learning about 5 freedoms by Virginia Satir allowed us to be able to incorporate these freedoms as a new way of communicating.

New Leadership.
Exploring New Leadership through self-leadership and self-management as a first step to be a New Leader. Learning and describing different styles of leadership allowed us to see the value in the new roles brought by new leadership principles.

Learner-centered approach is the gem within these two weeks. Being a set of flexible foundations, it can be easily transformed into person-centered approach to have a wider implementation. We learned that the person-centered approach is incredibly important for education, management and basically any life sphere.
What We Recommend and How We'll Use It

For iCan School, we wholeheartedly recommend integrating the person-centered approach into our educational and managerial philosophy. This approach has the potential to not only strengthen workplace relationships but also inspire our educators, school managers, and students. We want to communicate better, empower our team, and create a respectful and productive place to work at, using the skills we learned at this training.
All in all, our two-week journey in Vukovar for The Learn & Lead Certification Program has been a vital experience for iCan School. We are excited to implement these lessons within our organization and personal lives, striving to be more effective and fulfilled individuals, both at work and beyond.