iCan School organized free courses
Slovak language courses in Uzhhorod
within the project
"Slovak language for Uzhhorod pupils"

After starting its activities in Uzhhorod, the iCan school has already gained popularity among local residents. The presentation of the project Slovak for Uzhhorod students took place at the Uzhhorod City Public Library and attracted the keen interest of more than 300 people, mostly teenagers.

The event was attended by Rastislav Jílek, adviser to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Ukraine, and Alona Kurotova, co-founder of the Ukrainian-Slovak Business Agency (USBA) and director of the iCan language school. They talked about the idea and concept of training aimed at helping young people in their development, in particular, migrant children.
Noting the support of Slovak partners, the Deputy Mayor of Uzhhorod, Vasyl Homonay, thanked them for their help during the war and emphasised the opportunity for children to learn another language. The event was also attended by representatives of local authorities and cultural institutions.

The free Slovak language courses offered by iCan School started in February and lasted until May, with classes held twice a week. Participants who attended at least 75% of the training hours and successfully passed the exam, received a certificate indicating their level of knowledge.

The school received more than 300 applications, but the number of free places was limited. Applicants filled out questionnaires and were selected based on certain criteria.
The author's textbooks were donated by the iCan School to the Uzhhorod Public Library and the Zakarpattia Regional Library. This opens the possibility of free Slovak language teaching for all who can use these materials in the libraries.

The iCan School would like to thank the Uzhhorod City Council, the Zakarpattia Regional Library and other partners for their warm welcome and support. The project has proved to be successful not only in language teaching, but also in supporting the development of partnerships and the implementation of interesting inter-regional initiatives in the future.