I would like to inform you about the award for our textbooks and supplementary teaching material.

We finished our project "SLOVAK LANGUAGE FOR FOREIGN CHILDREN - a tool for teachers and parents in the inclusion of foreign children in the educational process in the Slovak Republic" on 31.5. 2022 and the entire summer, we devoted to searching for the possibility of printing textbooks and workbooks in a sufficiently large volume so that the needs of children in our schools or foreign educational centers could be met.

In September 2022, we submitted our project to the European Language Brand 2022 competition. We were waiting to see if we would be successful in the project competition and how our project would be judged. In November 2022, we received heartening news. Based on the decision of the national jury of the European Commission's initiative for innovative language projects "European Brand for Languages", our competition entry was awarded the European Brand for Languages 2022 certificate.
The results of the competition were announced at an event organized by the National Agency on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus program and which took place on December 12, 2022 in the East Slovak Gallery in Košice. The event was connected with an Advent concert. Under the Christmas tree, in a pleasant pre-Christmas atmosphere, we were given the opportunity to present the results of our project through a presentation video and printed textbooks that we brought to Košice. We had the opportunity to thank for the award, highlight the contribution of the project to our organization, project partners, present how the project outputs are used in schools. The iCan award was accepted by the founder of the school, Ms. Alona Kurotová and project coordinator Ms. Iveta Tunegová. The award was presented to us by the executive director of SAAIC, Ms. Jozef Detko.

It was a very pleasant evening. The snow was gently blowing outside, everywhere you could feel the coming Christmas time, and we confirmed once again that our many years of effort and work were not in vain. We greatly appreciate this award - the European Brand for Languages 2022 certificate. It binds us and gives us the energy to continue the work we have started.

See some photos from the event in Košice.

Ing. Iveta Tunegova

Project manager of the Erasmus program