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ERASMUS+ project News - Slovak language textbook for children

Dear supporters of the Language School iCan,
two months have passed since our last information on the progress of work on the project Erazmus+ - The Slovak Language for Children of Foreigners - an aid for teachers and parents in the inclusion of children of foreigners in the educational process in the Slovak Republic. Now we again want to inform you where we have moved with the work on the project.
It was a difficult period, our work is significantly affected by the pandemic, but we are still working, we meet, even though mainly online, and we meet the partial goals that we set when entering the project. At the end of November, we sent to the National Agency of the Erasmus + SAAIC program a preliminary report for the period from 09 / 19 to 09 / 20 on the fulfilment of tasks, the course of work on individual publications, the drawing of the budget, etc. The Agency considered the report sufficient to provide the National Agency with a picture of the direction of our project and the report was approved by the Agency. This good news put us in a positive mood and so together with partners from foreign partner educational associations we were able to tune in to the Christmas and New Year's atmosphere.

Immediately after the new year in January, we held several online meetings, at which we focused on individual publications, which are gradually created chapter by chapter, from the authors they go to reviewers and then for illustration and graphic design. Thus adapted, they gradually reach the first students who began testing the teaching material in December 2020 in the classrooms of our partner educational centres in Dublin, Paris and Birmingham. In the following period, children will also start testing the teaching material at iCan and at selected kindergartens and primary schools in Bratislava.

In addition, how do we progress in creating individual publications? At this time, the Translation Dictionary of Selected Terms for Primary Schools has already been created by the authors and work is being done on its final form. The second part of the Manual for the Inclusion of Children of Foreigners is being translated. Our partner in the project - the State Pedagogical Institute, manages these two publications.

We are pleased to announce that our authors of the Textbook of First Contact Slovak Language have already authored six of the nine lessons, which are now being gradually reviewed, illustrated and further processed graphically and editorially. Moreover, as we mentioned, they are already being piloted. You can see examples of our work under this article.

Children who are learning Slovak at the age of 3 to 6 can also look forward to the new workbook. Our authors Ms. Hirschnerová and Ms. Filagová work on many stimulating exercises, fill-in tasks and creative tasks for them, so that in kindergarten (and not only there), they can easily communicate with their Slovak friends.

The purpose of our efforts is to prepare teaching material of high quality for children of foreigners and the Slovak living abroad, for preschoolers and elementary school pupils. We look forward to hearing from teachers who are already working or will work with our publications. We will inform you about everything new again in a month.