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Grant Program Vertikal

Foundation “Nadácia Alony Kurotovej” (Nadácia AK) announces a scholarship programme in order to support the education of gifted young people interested in studying at Slovak universities, especially in technical, economic or humanities fields of studies.

Who the programme is for:

The scholarship is intended for those interested in studying at Slovak universities, who come from a socially weaker environment, are orphans or semi- orphans, or live in zones of war conflicts
It is mainly about the target group of students who achieved excellent educational results during the secondary school and want to continue their studies in technical, economic or humanities at Slovak universities.
For the school year 2018/2019 the priority country is the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine.

The scholarship scope:

The scholarship is intended to cover costs directly linked to the studies:
➢ tuition fee – the programme of intensive Slovak language course as the preparation for university studies;
➢ monthly amount of scholarship for a student: 280, - € intended to cover the basic needs of the student;
➢ the scholarship can be used by the student to pay a fee for accommodation, means of transport fare, meals, textbooks etc.

The scholarship does not include:

➢ travel expenses;
➢ health insurance;
➢ charges related to the translation of official documents (certificates, extracts from criminal records etc.);
➢ fees associated with applying for a national visa for a period of studies.
Deadline for applications for a scholarship: 15.08.2018

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship:

The selection will be made from the applicants who will submit applications together with other required documents. You will find the application form at the website of Foundation „Nadácia AK“:

Selection of grantees:

The selection of grantees will be made by the selection committee of the Foundation on the basis of the supporting documents. The scholarships applicants will be informed about the results of the selection process by an email sent by the coordinator of the Scholarship Programme Vertical (Vertikál).
Programme Coordinator:
Ing. Iveta Tunegová
tel.: +421 908 306 504