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Answers to the 9 main questions on the qualification/supplementary examination (Doplňujúca skúška)

About the experience of a doctor who passed the supplementary exam for foreign doctors in Slovakia. You will learn how the exam is conducted, how long it takes and how to prepare for it in order to pass it on the first attempt.

  • About submitting documents and the beginning of the exam

Approximately a month before the exam, I submitted all the necessary documents. On the day of the exam, about 110 people were divided into two groups: 44 were taking the exam for a doctor and 67 for a dentist. We all gathered in a large auditorium where we were given test assignments.

  • How long does the supplementary exam (doplňujúca skúška) for foreign doctors in Slovakia last?

The exam started around 8:00 in the morning. The written part lasted approximately 1-2 hours. This time was given to answer all 100 questions.

  • How does the oral part of the exam go?

After completing the written exam, we were divided into groups of 20 people for the oral part.

  • How many questions were there in the written part?

There were 100 questions in the written part of the exam. About 20 of them concerned Slovak legislation, and the remaining 80 were on medical topics.

  • How many questions are asked in the oral part of the exam?

For each question in the oral part, there were 3-4 additional questions. There were 5 people present in the room.

  • How did the exam go overall?

Overall, the exam didn't seem too difficult to me. But there were some challenging questions. One inconvenience was that the exam took place in the presence of other students or candidates, not face-to-face with the committee.

  • How to prepare for the exam to pass it on the first attempt?

I started preparing around February 2023 at iCan School. There, I went through phases 2 and 3 of preparation. I recommend starting preparation early and focusing on studying all the main points and classifications.

  • About particularly difficult questions and topics on the exam

There were questions on the exam that we hadn't studied at the institute. However, the general part didn't seem too difficult to me. It's important to be prepared for any topic and study the material in detail.

  • Advice for doctors preparing to take the doplňujúca skúška in Slovakia

I would advise studying the entire exam, at least the main points and classifications.

For detailed answers to each question, watch the interview below.