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Upcoming events in Slovakia this winter

Today we will look through the most interesting events in Slovakia which would take place in the end of the year. Slovakian people mostly like to spend their vocations in mountains where they can ski and snowboard. Life in the city also becomes different. Cities and towns of all over Slovakia will present you a Christmas miracle. Don't miss the chance to fall in love with Slovakia this winter.


24.11.-22.12. Christmas Fairs
The whole Old Town of Bratislava will be deeply immersed in the Christmas atmosphere.You will be able to feel the Christmas spirit in each corner of ancient streets. Enjoy it!

1.12. Startup Awards
The final of the prestigious competition in the field of innovation business Startup Awards will take place in the building of the Slovak National theatre.

2.12. Stend-up: Ladazia
Enjoy the stand-up show which will be full of adventures of the group of friends who have traveled by Lada cars through Eastern Europe, Central Asia to South-eastern Asia. You can also see photos from this trip here.

7.12. Snowfilmfest
As part of the special edition of the Snowfilmfest film festival, visitors will be able to watch four films about ski mountaineering, as well as listen to the presentations of the Shvigalkov brothers about their experience of practicing this extreme sport in Norway and Bolivia.


5.12.-23.12 Christmas Fairs
As in Bratislava, in the "capital of the East", Christmas fairs are the largest winter event. In addition to a variety of food, sweets and hot mulled wine, visitors will find a rich concert program, a program for children, as well as a Christmas race.

14.12. Cinema of travels: Georgia
Go on a trip to the most charming places in Georgia - on the highest peaks of the Caucasus, feel the calm of vast valleys, walk the streets of cities with ancient culture and hospitable inhabitants.


24.11.-22.12. Christmas Fairs
In Prešov Christmas Fair will be traditionally held in the pedestrian area of the historic center.


1.12.-23.12. Christmas Fairs
In addition to the fair itself, in the center of Trnava on Main Street there is also an ice rink, which runs until January 7, 2018. A part of the Christmas program in Trnava will also be a medieval fair, which will be held from December 15 to 17 in St. Mikulas Square.

Banska Bystrica

28.11.-23.12. Christmas Fairs
In Banská Bystrica, the main part of the fair is held at SNP Square (SNV). The Christmas season here officially starts on November 28, and from December 6 to December 23, the event will be joined by masters who produce all kinds of handicrafts and Christmas decorations.

31.12. New Year in the Ministry of Fun
One of the largest and most famous clubs in Slovakia Ministry of Fun is an option for those who are looking for a lively place for a New Year's party. By the way, young Slovaks like to spend New Year's Eve with groups of friends in country cottages. But since it is so popular and the demand is high, some cottages have to be booked for six months or a year in advance.


24.11.-23.12 Christmas Fairs
Christmas fairs of the city of Zilina will be held in two places - on Mariinsky Square and on the Andrei Glinka Square.

16.12. Christmas Race 2017
The 16th edition of the event for everyone who love sports and are not afraid of the cold. Participants are given the choice of one of 4 disciplines: marathon, half marathon, 8 kilometers and 1 kilometer.


1.12.-23.12 Christmas Fairs
A reach cultural program is waiting for visitors to the Christmas fair, which will be held at Svetochpluk Square in Nitra. Also here you can check your fitness in the winter race.


5.12.-23.12. Christmas Fairs
This year it will also be possible to enjoy a magical Christmas atmosphere right under the Trenciansky castle. A traditional fair, a rich cultural program, an ice skating rink, and also various thematic master classes are waiting for visitors.