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Slovak for Children of Foreigners - methodological guides, picture cards, and methodological recommendations

Dear Teachers, Parents, Directors of Educational Centers,

You may already know from our articles and Facebook posts that our project, aimed at developing methodological guides as well as new teaching materials, has successfully reached its goal. The project has concluded, but what is very important is that our work continues to reach the target groups for which it is intended. This is why we organized a webinar to present everything we have created over the past two years with our partners to a wide audience, both professional and general public.

The webinar took place on May 30, 2024. We are pleased that there was significant interest in participating in the webinar from our compatriots abroad. Participants joined from various countries in Western Europe (France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and others), as well as from overseas, mainly from Canada (Vancouver, Calgary). There was also interest from Slovak language teachers from expatriate communities living in Hungary, Romania, or Croatia. We were delighted to have a Slovak language teacher join us who currently lives in Alaska. Modern times provide us with such opportunities to connect people across continents for a good cause—in this case, to disseminate the use of textbooks, methodological guides, methodological recommendations, and supplementary teaching materials.

So how did the webinar go?

The introduction was given by the project coordinator, Ms. Iveta Tunegová, covering:

  • What we have created in the project,
  • Who the teaching material is intended for,
  • Whether it is free and how interested individuals can obtain it,
  • Important links for those interested in Slovak textbooks, methodological guides, translation dictionaries, and more.

All participants were also welcomed by the co-organizer of the webinar, Ms. Betka de la Bouvrie from the Petit Slavik educational center in Paris.

In the second part of the webinar, Ms. Martina Uličná, co-author of the textbook “Aha, Slovenčina!” and the corresponding methodological guide, took the floor. She focused mainly on the part dedicated to the correct practice of pronunciation and writing. We consider this very important because, until now, exercises aimed at proper pronunciation practice and recordings for these exercises were significantly lacking in the available teaching materials. You can listen to more about this topic in Ms. Martina Uličná’s presentation.

In the next part of the webinar, Ms. Janka Píšová from NIVaM presented a new educational tool that teachers can use in both kindergartens and primary schools as a supplementary material for the textbook “Aha, Slovenčina!” and “The World Around Us in Slovak – Picture Communication Cards.” What do they contain? In one set of picture cards, you will find:

  • 264 cards, both colored and black-and-white, for the teacher to use during lessons,
  • A set of smaller cards for students,
  • A methodological guide for the picture cards.

You can learn more about the possibilities of using the picture cards in Ms. Píšová’s presentation in the webinar video.

In the final part of the webinar, our project partners, Ms. Alžbeta de la Bouvrie from Petit Slavik in Paris and Ms. Lucia Šefčíková from the educational center in Dublin, presented examples of good practice. We saw demonstrations of testing our textbooks, methodologies, and picture cards directly in the classrooms of educational centers.

The webinar, which had 57 registered participants from around the world, concluded with a discussion and a promise that every participant would have access to the webinar video and, if interested in the Picture Cards, they could expect a shipment from us.

The feedback we received during the webinar gave us the energy to continue our work with even greater enthusiasm.

Thank you, and we look forward to further collaboration and meetings with you.


  • Picture cards can be obtained for FREE until supplies run out; please contact us at:

It is now possible to apply for a subsidy for textbooks from the Office for Slovaks Living Abroad (ÚSŽZ) - applicable for educational centers affiliated with ISEA or collaborating with ÚSŽZ. To apply for a subsidy, please contact Ms. Katarína Baranyaiová.