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Working meeting of the project team iCan Language School

On 10.03.2023 we were invited to a working meeting with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic Mr. Slavomir Partil.

We were given the opportunity to present our educational aids - textbooks and workbooks of Slovak for children of foreigners and expatriates. The meeting was also attended by Mrs. Mária Šofranko.

We talked about the possibilities of distributing the textbooks so that they could reach the hands of every child, parent, school or educational institution interested in the books. We also informed the Secretary of State about the ongoing project and the status of the methodological manuals for these textbooks and supplementary teaching materials.

Thank you for your sincere interest and also for the opportunity to present the results of our multi-year work, which have been awarded the European Label for Languages 2022.