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Language courses - the fastest and easiest way to move to Slovakia!

It seems to be unbelievable, that most of people don’t even know about such an easy way to move to Slovakia! You just have to enroll an intensive language course with at least 25 study hours a week and to get your national visa!


We can talk a lot about the beauty of nature, ancient castles and beautiful winter resorts. Undoubtedly, Slovakia has many benefits, including geographical location. But most importantly, here you will find all that the immigrant needs:

  • Slovakia is a member of the EU, located in the Eurozone, as well as in the Schengen zone!

  • Here are perfectly combined the high standard of living and loyal prices in comparison with other European countries!

  • The opportunity to get a free higher education in Slovakia for everyone who enrolls in the chosen specialty in the Slovak language of instruction!

  • The migration policy of the Slovak Republic is less complicated than in neighboring countries!

Well, it is better to once feel the advantages of immigration to Slovakia on your own, rather than read about it in this article.


What if I tell you that the immigration process can take as little as 10 days? Sounds incredible? The procedure for obtaining a national visa lasts from 10 to 30 days from the date of application.

Have you already heard about the endless paperwork related to immigration to Europe? Relax, it's no longer your business! The following documents must be submitted to the application for a national visa:

• International passport;

• A photo of 3x3.5 cm;

• A document confirming the purpose of stay in the Slovak Republic;

• A document confirming the availability of housing in the Slovak Republic;

• Medical insurance.

Moreover, now you do not need a certificate of non-conviction with an apostille. You also do not have to undergo physical examination for the discovery of exotic diseases upon arrival in Slovakia. And its average cost is about 200 euros!

BONUS: to apply for a residence permit, you do not have to leave the country! Being in Slovakia on the basis of a national visa, you can apply directly to the migration police office at your place of residence.

We are the iCan language school, located in Bratislava. And our students combine business with pleasure: they immigrate to Slovakia and learn a new language!

Our range of courses is wide, but especially for you, we will present two programs, which are ideal for Immigration!
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