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iCan School is a partner and one of the organizers of the IT fitness test project

IT Fitness Test is the largest free digital skills test in the Visegrád Group and Ukraine.
IT Fitness Test, designed for pupils, students and adults, helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses in this area.
This test is held in different countries, and iCan School is a partner and one of the organizers of the IT Fitness Test project. It is also a representative of the test in Ukraine.

Obtaining a certificate after passing the test will confirm your knowledge in the field of information technologies and make your resume more interesting.
General Director of iCan School - Alona Kurotova about the test:
The twelfth edition of the IT Fitness Test was unique for two reasons. It included Ukraine as another country where students were tested, but more importantly from our point of view, the test was designed and participated in by Ukrainian pupils and students who have been living in Slovakia for a long time due to the military conflict.
As the results of the test, in which Slovakia ranked first and Ukraine second, this country and its pupils and students showed that they have very good IT knowledge and skills.
For many of them, online learning has become the only way to continue their studies, and if you add two years of covid and almost two years of war, it is clear that the need for IT skills is crucial for their education and future employment in life.
In addition, of course, it is also relevant for them that the rapid changes of companies towards more digitalization of all processes will require in a short time a lot of experts and specialists with new IT knowledge and skills.
The IT Fitness Test is precisely aimed at being able to correctly analyze the current situation and outline possible changes. Since our society has changed with the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the arrival of a large number of refugees in Slovakia, it is very appropriate that we involve Ukrainian pupils and students in the same projects as their Slovak classmates, since they are already an integral part of our education system and we are unable to assess the timing of their stay in Slovakia in the current situation.
Moreover, it is already clear to us that a large number of these pupils and students will stay in Slovakia even after the end of the war, as they have nowhere to return to. Therefore, we very appreciate the fact that the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Professions of Slovakia (Digitálna koalícia) enabled and supported the participation of Ukrainian pupils and students in digital skills testing, and we believe that this tradition will continue in the future.

IT Fitness Test gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge in practice. This is not just an exam, but an opportunity to assess your level and prepare for new challenges in this dynamic field.