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Ukrainian students of Slovak universities have an opportunity to participate in the Ukrainian Student project

As you know, due to the extension of the registration period, until October 31, 2023, the project "Ukrainian Student" offers Ukrainian children aged 6 to 18 years old, who have a temporary protected status in Slovakia, to be eligible for digital aid (350 euros) for the purchase of a personal digital device.

We already have feedback and gratitude from the first happy owners of laptops and tablets. We are pleased that happy and joyful Ukrainian children, through a new, very important device, purchased with the help of the European Funds in Slovakia, can have access to quality face-to-face (classroom) and/or distance learning.

The continuation of the project during October made it difficult and impossible for a group of Ukrainian children who were fleeing from the war to participate in the project - Ukrainian students from 16 to 18 years old. According to Slovak law, they are of school age and therefore can participate in the project, which helps with the purchase of a personal digital device.

However, having graduated from general secondary schools or gymnasiums in Ukraine at the age of 16-17, they chose Slovakia, among other things, to avoid becoming victims of Russian military aggression. Having obtained the status of odídenec, such children were in the category of those who registered or wanted to register in our project. But, according to the norms that exist for foreign students in Slovakia, they had to change the reason for their stay in Slovakia from odídenec to prechodný pobyt (residence permit) during September. Changing this status made it impossible for them to access digital aid from the Digital Coalition. Remaining in odídenec status (which is a possibility), deprives them of access to the full student life that Slovakia's legal framework provides for foreign students.

Having investigated this fact, on the basis of numerous appeals-questions of Ukrainian students and their parents, it was decided to include Ukrainian students of Slovak universities and high schools, who at the time of registration were under 18 years old, into the category of full-fledged participants of the project "Ukrainian Student".

So, the new group of project participants, students of Slovak higher education institution, must meet the following requirements:

  • be a citizen of Ukraine, from 6 to 18 years old (at the time of registration in the project)
  • have a temporary protected status (odídenec) or a temporary residence permit in Slovakia (TPL), which was received after 24.02.2022

Registration is possible only until 31.10.2023.

The voucher (for the purchase of equipment) can be used until 30.11.2023.

Since the overwhelming majority of the mentioned group of Ukrainian children are on the territory of Slovakia on their own, the algorithm of application of digital assistance (purchase of a device in a store) will have its own details, which will be described on our website.

Other necessary actions related to the Ukrainian Student project, such as checking information with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education of the SR, remain unchanged.


In case of any further questions, please contact from 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays) in Ukrainian-speaking call-center, by phone number +421 (0) 232 284 467 or by e-mail or add to telegram chat.