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ERASMUS+ project News - Slovak language textbook for children

Dear supporters of the Language School iCan,
as we promised in February, we addressing you again after a month. We would like to share with you the news, where we moved during the previous month in the work on the creation of publications - textbooks and teaching materials of the Slovak language for the children of foreigners and compatriots.

We still meet mostly in the online space, but that does not prevent us from following the plan so that we adhere to the deadlines we have set ourselves.

So, what are our news?

We are finishing work on the graphic design of the Translation Dictionary, which is intended to help children who have started attending a Slovak school, but Slovak is not their mother tongue. However, the dictionary will also be a great help for their parents. In terms of content, the dictionary is already processed, now we are working on its graphic design and the first designs of the dictionary cover are being born. However, do not expect a strict, boring publication from our dictionary, filled with a lot of words and phrases and their translation.Because in addition to this dictionary part, the thematic part will be part of the dictionary and the owner of the dictionary will become its co-creator. How do we imagine it? For each topic or subject, the owner of the dictionary will creatively add material, e.g. by pasting or drawing a picture on a topic, so that he/she will co-create the dictionary. At the end of the dictionary, a picture attachment of the “What is what” type is waiting for the pupil. So, do not expect any boredom from our dictionary.

In addition, what is new with the preparation of our textbooks? In the last article, we informed that the authors of the Textbook of the First Contact processed 6 chapters. Two more have been joined during the previous month! Of course, we are still far from the finish line. Although only the last ninth chapter remains to be processed, a large amount of work is still waiting for our graphic designers and illustrator. They give each chapter the final form. And the material processed in this way gets into the hands of our teachers who pilot each chapter in order to get valuable feedback directly from practice and to improve the teaching material.

At this time, the first three chapters are being tested in classes in various countries where Slovak children or children with Slovak roots are educated. However, it is also being tested in our country at iCan school and schools, where children whose families have moved to Slovakia and need and also want to improve their skills are taught in classes. Testing of textbooks therefore takes place in Slovak educational centers in Paris, Dublin, Birmingham, Moscow, but also in Bratislava. Moreover, since teaching has now moved to the online space, there is nothing to stop it from being tested, so to say, from living rooms anywhere in the world.

We look forward to feedback from our pupils from different parts of Europe and we are pleased to be preparing teaching material of high quality for all those who have been waiting for such textbooks for many years.

At the end of this article, you can see a few photos from testing the First Contact Textbook.

Have a good time, be healthy and see you next time.