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English language with the 50% discount - till the end of Summer!

English courses online with a 50% discount until the end of summer.

Bring a friend and pay for one!

Nowadays it is difficult to be active without knowledge of English. Especially for immigrants coming to Europe. Some people spend many years for studies, while others spend fabulous amounts taking language courses in English-speaking countries.

Slovakia, located in the center of Europe, can nicely surprise you with the prices for learning the English language. iCan School in Bratislava presents to your attention an intensive and semi-intensive online English course taught by Slovak teachers and a native speaker. Thus, the course is able to equally increase your grammar knowledge and develop communication skills!

Semi-intensive groups:
2 times a week - Monday and Wednesday, 2 academic hours - 80 eur per month = 5eur per hour
or 3 times a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 60 minutes - 80 eur per month

  • English B1
  • English B2

The opportunity to combine courses and study 5 times a week - from Monday to Friday for 159 euros per month!

Admission to group A2 - semi-intensive English - price 80 eur per month!

Do not miss the opportunity to learn the language for only 5 euros per hour!

Теl.: (+421) 905 460 194
Skype: iCanSchool

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