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Student’s life in Slovakia: Review of student hostels

The student hostel is an integral part of the student's life. Especially when we are talking about studying abroad. So let’s see how do the students live in Bratislava.

We want to mention that the student hostel is not the only opinion. Quite often the small groups of students rent an apartment. But usually it is more expensive.

Student residence

The Students Residence is located in the complex of the international exhibition center Incheba, due to which it has a good infrastructure. Residents can use common areas, including a reading room. There are also fitness center, restaurant and bar.Each block, consisting of two apartments, has its own bathroom and toilet. On each floor there is a spacious kitchen.


It’s the biggest dormitory in Slovakia, which is situated in Karlova Ves (the part of Bratislava). It also contains medical center, a gym, restaurants, a café and a grocery store. You can also find there the offices of agencies involved in employment of students.You can chose among several kinds of the apartments. Some of them are equipped with the private bathroom. Other ones are connected into the blocks of 3 or 4 rooms with the common bathroom. As well, they can offer you matrimonial rooms.

Student House

Another one quite new hostel, which is more similar to a hotel. It is located in Ruzhinov. In addition to the reading room the complex is also equipped by fitness center and wellness. All the rooms have the private bathrooms. In our opinnion it highlights the high standard of this hostel.

Uninova Hostel

One more modern and cheap student hostel. On one hand, this hostel is located in Racha, a little further from the center of Bratislava. On the other hand, this arrangement gives the benefit of a quiet and peaceful environment.You can also use the fitness center and wellness.
Comparison of prices per bed per month
Electricity, water, heating and sometimes the Internet are included in the price.

Many of the above hostels also offer separate short-term tariffs for the summer period, which are generally available for non-students. Sometimes there are also special rates for trainees and students coming on the ERASMUS program, so it is necessary to specify the final amount on the web-site of a particular hostel.