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Would you like to take a look at one of the language classes at our school?

Now our school works online. Many people do not understand how it works, some are afraid of the technical side of the problem, some are afraid that the screen between him/her and the teacher will become an obstacle in the study of the language.

We give you the opportunity to "peek" into the course of any online lesson at our school and join it for free. To do so you need:

- to click on the link and register:,
- a school staff member will contact you to explain your next steps, namely:
- how to take a short test to determine your current language level,
- to specify the day of joining the required group.

The school has open groups of different levels:

- Slovak language for adults,
- English language for adults,
- Slovak, English, Russian languages and music for children.

In order to join the lesson, we are ready to provide you with technical support.

If after this trial lesson you want to pay for your studies and join the group, you can take advantage of our "bring a friend" promotion and get a total discount of up to 50%.

During the pandemic, use your time wisely and learn foreign languages!