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Slovak for foreigners – corporate course

iCan Language School has designed the course of the Slovak language for foreigner company employees that is tailored to the needs of clients. The aim of the course is to achieve the student's ability to communicate in the Slovak language at the required language level under the Common European Framework of Reference. Knowledge of language increases the ability of the foreigner to apply to the labor market in the Slovak Republic and consequently improves the adaptation of the employee in the working process.

The course consists of two parts, an intense weekly Slovak course of 20 hours with the possibility of subsequent semi-intensive course, 4 lessons per week.The precise duration of the semi-intensive course is specified according to the specific needs of the client. The course can take place at the premises of the company or at the premises provided by the iCan School.

The first week is an intensive course - general Slovak; the intensive course is followed by the monthly semi-intensive course - general Slovak + lexicon and professional terminology according to the focus of work activities of employees.

The target group is foreigners, employees of companies:

• who are interested in studying Slovak for work reasons,

• who want to communicate in Slovak in everyday life.

The advantages of your employees' language training with iCan professional lecturers:

• education led by experienced teachers with a high level of competence;

• studying at one of the best language schools for foreigners;

• the opportunity to participate in evaluating the effectiveness of teaching methods;

• high level of service;

• part of the lessons is devoted to the acquisition of professional terminology used in the work process;

• a modern and effective education program that meets world standards.

Price per person per week of intensive course from € 36, at a semi-intensive rate of € 28 per month! The cost of the course includes the costs of the teacher, the transport of a teacher within Bratislava. If the course is in a company outside of Bratislava, the price of the course is adequately increased by the costs of the teacher's transportation.

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